est. ONTARIO 2015

Call for order info: (705) 816-BREW

Things we don't do: 1) Use preservatives 2) Get our pasteurization on. Things we DO do: 1) Use all natural ingredients 2) We brew in small batches 

Crisp, clear taste is important to us so that's why we will eventually get the water for our craft beer from the Oro-Moraine Aquifer: one of the cleanest, purest water sources there is. Add that beautiful water to all natural ingredients and you've got some amazing beer!

The White Out is now SOLD OUT - see ya next summer!

Its a White Out!


Long term goals?

Pure, clean water

For us, community, friendship, and good beer have always gone hand in hand. We aim to provide locally sourced and all natural beer to those who enjoy the flavour and majestic scenery of the Canadian outdoors.

Official Craft Beer of
OK Fridays Farmers Market

Our Mission

Horseshoe Valley Brewing Company