Horseshoe Valley Brewing Company 

est. ONTARIO 2015

All our beers are grown to organic standards with all natural water, malts, sugars, hops, yeasts and are VEGAN friendly. 

Horseshoe Valley Cold Water is a 'goes with anything and everything' clean lager. All natural and made with some of the purest water in the world - Cold Water is a light and crisp easy drinking beer with 4% ABV. Light in body and texture, Cold Water is a thirst quencher that combines the simplicity of your average light beer with the innovative spirit of the craft beer nation. 

White Out is the feeling of a crisp, cool morning after a blizzard, when the landscape is refreshed and renewed. White Out is an unfiltered wheat beer that appears cloudy to provide maximum flavour in this 5.5% ABV full flavoured beer - this is no radler! With real organic orange and grapefruit infused during the brewing process, White Out has a beautiful clean citrus note that hits the palette in all the right ways. Subtle hints of coriander and spice are produced by the yeast during fermentation and provide a perfect compliment to the citrus in this refreshing Horseshoe Valley Brewing Company favourite.